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Bust Writers Block Forever Training + free Ebook
Game-Changing Ways for Writers, Authors, to Kiss Writer’s Block Goodbye and Unleash Creative Inspiration

Caryl Westmore

Bust Writers Block Forever, Unleash your Creativity.

Attention! Authors, writers and creatives are you looking for just the right way to escape the grip of Writer's Block of Resistance?

Don't you wish you never had writing downtime, depression or blank page syndrome ever again?

Good news!

This training offers proven ways that address the hidden cause of writer's block.

They may not be what you think.

Steven Pressfield in The War of Art claims we must fight resistance like a dangerous foe.

This training takes a softer but more effective and permanent approach.

It covers:

  • Busting myths about Writer's Block

  • Beliefs and why they matter

  • Questioning your beliefs

  • Self-Soothing your Anxiety

  • Banishing your Silent Saboteurs

  • Tapping away Writer's Block

  • Taking back your power

  • Refashioning your Identity and Story

  • Healing blocked "Parts"

This is the system I use today, and have used over and over for myself and high end author clients.

One of the methods helped a million-dollar screenwriter win an Academy Award for Sleepless in Seattle, after he was stuck in the quicksand of Writer's Block.

Another method helped Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert overcome her paralyzing writer's block after her bestselling book was optioned for a movie with Julia Roberts.

You will also discover what Tony Robbins, Beyoncé, and writers Maya Angelou, James Clear, and Tim Ferris all have in common.

It's a method that top athletes, celebrities and speakers use, and you will learn how it helps writers, authors, creatives, get unstuck and play their best game.

BONUS LESSON: Befriending ChatGPT as your Creative Catalyst and Collaborator, guaranteed to bust Writer's Block!

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